The Fondled: The Band That Inspired the Title of This Blog

I haven't heard this album in years (can't find my tape collection, bummer of the century!) so I was stoked to find it here!



I was going for an art deco era inspired look with the shapes and colors here. I'm still getting the hang of doing outfit posts and have always been a bit if-y about whether or not I want to do that on my blog. Anyway, I probably needed some more detail pics of this one but oh well....next time. Everything is vintage except the shoes which are Sky.


New Favorite Old Illustrator: Frederick L. Packer

From artdecoblog.blogspot.com 

From decodog.com

From anillustratorsinspiration.blogspot.com

Found on Ebay
I have always been a fan of the art deco era but the past couple years it has become an even bigger source of inspiration for me. A few years ago a friend gave me a greeting card with some really amazing, obviously vintage illustration on it. I always wondered who the artist was. Recently, I was browsing on Etsy and came across some vintage posters in a style identical to the one the greeting card (which I still have of course). I had to do a little investigation but finally found out that the artist is Frederick L. Packer. He is my new favorite vintage illustrator!