The Total Look

This past weekend I went to see The Total Look: The Creative Collaboration between Rudi Gernreich, Peggy Moffitt, and William Claxton at the MOCA Pacific Design Center. These are pics from the show which was awesome! Featured is a decent sized collection of fashion designer Rudi Gernreich's clothing as well as photos and video of Gernreich's friend and muse, model Peggy Moffitt, shot by Moffitt's husband photographer William Claxton
I've been fan of this trio for a long time! Rudi Gernreich is my favorite designer, Peggy Moffitt is my favorite model (I'm not usually one to gush over fashion models but I'll have to do a post just on Peggy Moffit later), and William Claxton is an amazing photographer who is known for his photos of some of the best jazz musicians as well as his work in fashion.
It was especially cool to see all the clothes in person!  Rudi Gernreich is an icon of 60s mod fashion along with designers like Pierre Cardin, Andre Courreges, Mary Quant, and Pacco Rabanne. They were all innovators and amazing in their own way but  there is something really timeless about Rudi Gernreich's design's. My style is rooted more in the 50s and 90s as opposed to the 60s these days but I will always find inspiration in Rudi Gernreich's designs. I love how he combined humor and exaggeration with glamour.