Art In The Streets

Art in The Streets at The Geffen Contemporary Moca runs April 17-August 8

Last Thursday I got a chance to check out Art In The Streets, the current show at the MOCA/Geffen, featuring graffiti and street art from the 1970s on from around the world (focusing on certain cities).  I was super excited to go! It had been a while since I had been to an art show of any kind. I was definitely in need of inspiration and this show did not disappoint. In fact, I can easily say it was one of the best shows I've ever been to at MOCA or any other museum!  My boyfriend took lots of pics inside but the show was HUGE so I'm just showing a few from my favorite parts here.

Keith Haring


Keith Haring

I have to mention the vibe inside because that was definitely part of what made the show. Since it had just opened the week before it was packed. The crowd was generally young and there was a very fun, party like atmosphere. This was really cool considering that museums can often be kind of stuffy. In my mind going to see art shouldn't be a stuffy occasion, it should be an occasion to let loose and really enjoy what's being shown. 

Neck Face

Os Gemeos

As I was walking through the crowd I heard at least one or two people say "There's SO MUCH to see!", and there really was in more ways than one. I could have spent an hour or two just in the OS Gemeos section alone (I plan on going back). There were so many different styles in so many different media  really showing how much this genre (for lack of a better word) has grown since the 70s and how it appeals to so many different people. Personally, graffiti entered my consciousness in a big way as a teenager in the mid 90s because it was far more interesting and relatable than anything you would seen in any gallery or museum in L.A. at the time. Thanks to Art In The Streets, Beautiful Losers, and other similar exhibitions it seems like there's starting to be a much wider range in terms of the type of art that's shown in contemporary museums. That's definitely a good thing and a much needed change!


Lil' Mo' Disco

So maybe I look all serious and mysterious in these photos but this was actually my Saturday night party time outfit. I'm sure I had a much different expression on my face by the end of the night ;) I don't really think I want to discuss my specific whereabouts of that night on the interweb but I was somewhere in downtown and the music was sooooo gooood!! Anyway, the idea with this outfit was to combine different neutrals, black, nude, and navy and see if I could still put together something whimsical without using color. I wish I would have thought to take a few detail shots, my socks are navy and the shoes are black but you can't really see that here. Everything is vintage except for the shoes, which are Fornarina.


Aiguille et Fil

Paul Klee Jumper/Romper

Paul Klee Asymmetrical Dress

Annie Albers sheer back geometric pattern tank top

Bauhaus Tunic Shirtdress

Walter Gropius geometric tunic shirtdress

Aiguille et Fil the shop of designer Liz Spencer is one that I've had my eye on pretty much since I first signed up with Etsy. Aiguille et Fil features very unique, beautifully crafted clothing often incorporating repurposed or vintage materials. Like I said, I've been a fan of this shop for a while but the recent Spring 2011 collection really knocked my socks off! As the titles of these garments indicate, this collection clearly had artistic influences outside of just fashion and that makes just that much richer on more interesting! I really hope the Paul Klee romper will be mine some day!