Deee-Lite - Riding On Through

I have been obsessed with Deee-Lite pretty much since I first heard them circa 1990. I thought I had heard every Deee-lite track and re-mix out there but had never heard this track until recently. I thought I would share since it seems kind of rare. I found it here.


Hats by Behida Dolic

I've always found the 1920s fascinating as an era, but in the past few years I've found myself becoming more and more inspired by it. So of course the cloche is one of my favorite styles for a hat! I'm definitely in the market for one. 1920s style has been  popular over the last couple years and you can pretty much find a cloche anywhere, including your local Target or TJmax. At first I considered buying a very basic, inexpensive cloche...but then I came across Hats by Behida Dolic on Etsy and was blown away! I realized that I would rather hold off, save up and buy a cloche that is a stunning work of art! What I love the most about Behida Dolic's hats is that they are truly wearable pieces of sculpture that must be admired from every angle. I might not get my cloche immediately, but when I do I'll have something that's very unique, impeccably crafted, and will likely last a lifetime!