Joanna Pybus SS 2014

These are a few items from Joanna Pybus' SS 2014 collection. I love the combination of all the pastel colors with black glittery fabric! The ice creams are cute too :)



Watermelon Wedge Scarf designed for Print All Over Me

I recently came across a very cool website printallover.me. Print All Over Me is a collaborative platform which provides seasonal editions of clothing and other objects that are blank. Artists/Designers can upload there designs and chose from these blank items. They are sold on POAM and can also be purchased wholesale. While there are other similar sites, this is definitely the coolest on that I have seen so far! The blank items you can choose from are simple but definitely very current and well designed. There is a lot to sift through, but if you take the time you'll find some really amazing artists and designers on there! Anyway, as soon as I found POAM I knew I would like to put some of my own designs up for sale. Above is a scarf I designed to sell on POAM. It's available here.